A modest wedding dress

A modest wedding dress

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It not only entails a new phase of your life but it is also a chance for you to really surprise your groom by looking at mortal gorgeous in your modest wedding dress. Although with all the modern trends that force hemlines higher and lowered it can be difficult to find something that is modest and tasteful. You may not want to show up every inch of the skin on your Big Day but you really do not want to see that you also have a tent.

Here are some useful tips to find the perfect modest wedding dress:

Your body type

If you do not already know what your body type is its now time to find out. Square off the front of the mirror and analyze your silhouette. The four main categories are: apple pear hourglass and straight. The beauty of the body type is that their names give you clear clues about the shape. For example: If the least part of you is your middle and your shoulders and hips go out quite smoothly you are an hourglass. Of course everyone is unique so many do not fit into one category you may be a mix of two.

Show you up

Now that youve decided your body shape you can move on by marking your best features. This is an important aspect of finding a modest wedding dress that works. You may not want to show a lot of bones at your wedding but what about showing off your elegant collar in a nice shoulder dress? If you are unsure of your little bust line but have a beautiful back why not choose a high neck in the front and a dramatically low drop waist on the back? Find out what features you really want to show up on your big day and play these features. If there is an area in your body that you feel unsure use your dress to draw attention from the current area.

changes to

It can be difficult to find your perfect modest wedding dress that just hangs on the boutique or in the shops front window on mannequin but its definitely out there. You may even starve right on it. Thanks to many incredible stitches you can make an ok dress in your dream gown with a little creativity. If you found a dress that you absolutely love contact a tailor to see if the design can be changed. Most wedding boutiques have a furnishing company that can put on sleeves change collars change the length and add privacy panels to underweared dresses. This really opens the doors for you to find a very modest wedding dress that you love.


Many brides today are passionate about having a more green or eco-friendly wedding. A great way to contribute to that cause and find a more modest wedding dress is to shop vintage for your wedding dress. Often you can find really beautiful modest wedding dresses that hang out in economy stores dresses that are probably only used once. Some of the dresses may be a bit dated beyond what you hoped for but visit a tailor and see if any aspects of the dress can be changed. For example: If the dress you found is perfect but the tip seems snap close to the bottom see if the tailor can strengthen the hemline or add a soft layer of new tip. Vintage wedding dresses are usually very modest than our modern patterns and there is something special about wearing something that holds history. You may wear the modest wedding dress for a war wedding that fell in love with her college darling.

A dress two dresses

If you are most concerned about finding a modest wedding dress for one aspect of your wedding consider buying two one for the ceremony and one for the reception. This is not uncommon for many brides today. Some brides have a very traditional wedding ceremony but want to show off their personal style at the reception. This option is especially useful when trying to adapt to two very different cultures in a wedding. You can honor your family by wearing a more traditional wedding apparel but stay free to wear something that really mirrors you as well. Some religious centers hold certain demands on what women need to cover if they are married within their walls so this option also helps you to meet those needs as well.

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